Intensive Care Unit
We are proudly announcing a challenging teamwork providing specialized personal care for critically sick patients. Our team ensures skilled care with highly trained doctors, quality nursing and dedicated respiratory technicians. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Our commitments and contributions in ICU
# 24 hours supervision under guidence of highly trained consultant with more than 15 years overseas and domestic experience in ICU.
# 24 hours round the clock presence of registers and resident doctors.
# Single nursing care for every paticnts.
# Central Monitoring System.
# Hi-Tech vital sign monitoring system.
# 24 hours Cardiac monitoring & Invasive arterial BP and CVP Monitoring.
# Syringe pump & infusion pump for metered medications and accurate volume infusion.
# Latest technology equipped ventilator with monitoring facilities.
# BIPAP & CPAP Ventilation facility for  Patient of respiratory system.
# Bedside ABG analysis.
# Portable dedicated X-Ray and Ultra sonogram machine within ICU.
# Portable beside Echocardiogram.
# Dialysis Facility within ICU over 24 hours.
# Total Parenteral Nutrition for selectively patients on risks.
# Facility to perform emergency Procedures.