Department Of CARDIOLOGY





For providing state of the art cardiac care, we have a group of dedicated, skilled and motivated doctors, nurses and technicians under supervision of experienced, skilled and reputed Consultant Cardiologist along with a well-equipped and complete Cardiac Center through which our Cardiac Team is committed to provide management of all sorts of cardiac ailments.

We have round the clock Specialist Cardiologists’ service – not only for CCU & Emergency Dept., but also at every floor of this hospital.

Our Cardiac Center is fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and complete range of services – from cardiac investigations to Interventional Cardiology procedures in well-equipped modern generation Cardiac Cath Lab.

                                  SERVICES AVAILABLE HERE:

      At OPD:   a) Cardiac consultation from 10.00 AM to 9:30 PM

                        b) OPD based Cardiac investigations, like – Echoardiography- both Adult and 

                        Paediatric (Child), ETT, Holter Monitoring (24 hours to 7 days).

        At CCU: Management of all kinds of Cardiac emergencies.

        At Cardiac Cath Lab: Our Cardiologists are regularly doing

                  o    PCI (Stenting) including Primary PCI (from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM)

                  o    Temporary and Permanent Pacemaker Implantation procedures

                  o    Device closures for Congenital heart Diseases, like – ASD, VSD, PDA etc.

                  o    PTMC (Mitral and Pulmonary Valvuloplasty)

                  o    Renal and other Peripheral angioplasties etc.

                  o    ICD, CRT-P, CRT-D implantation procedures.

                  Moreover, emergency cardiac services are available at every corner

Team Of Specialists

  • Dr. Rowsan Masud


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  • Dr. A F M Sakhawat Hossain

    MD,FPGCS (Medicine), Ph . D (Cardiology), Post Doctoral (Card)

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    MD (Cardiology), FACC (USA), MCPS (Medicine), FESC (EU), FSCAI (USA), MBBS, BCS (Health)

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  • Dr. Md. Rasul Amin (Shepon)

    MBBS (Dhaka), MD (Cardiology)

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  • Asso. Prof. Dr. Mohsin Ahmed

    MBBS, BCS, MCPS (Med), MD (Card) FIC (India), FACC (USA), FESC (Europe) Fellow Interventional Cardiology (Escorts,India) Advanced Training - Interventional Cardiology (Korea-Japan)

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  • Asso. Prof. Dr. Solaiman Hossain

    MBBS, MD (Cardiology), FAPSIC

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